Woman takes rare photos showing ‘eye of the storm’ – and they’re majestic

It is no doubt that technology is increasingly improving by the second, or so it feels like. More specifically, our phones are starting to feel like they have superpowers. Our cameras are getting so impressive, now with the latest version of the iPhone offering not one, not two, but three lenses. It is making it so that now, everyone can be a photographer. You don’t really need to carry around a big DSLR anymore when you have both the convenience and good quality of a smartphone.

A woman by the name of Sarah Hodges, who is from a town called Bolton in Europe, is a good example of this. She loves to look up at the sky and check out the moon every now and then, but instead of lugging a big camera with her, she likes to take her Samsung S9.

A storm called Ciara occurred between February 8th and 9th. It swept through Ireland and made its way to some parts of the UK before hitting the mainland of Europe.

The eye of the storm.

After the insane storm finally passed, Hodges went outside to look at the post-storm sky — and the results are crazy. The moon was encompassed by a frame dark clouds, which made it look like an eye. Literally the eye of the storm!

Once the photo hit the Internet, it went viral. Everyone was freaking out over how insanely beautiful and surreal it looked, and what made it even crazier was that the gorgeous photo was taken on a phone!

“I took the pictures last Tuesday 11 Feb 2020, between 9:34 pm and 9:39 pm, just from my bedroom window at my home address. I am obsessed with the moon, sunset, sunrise, and the sea. I just used my Samsung S9.”

“I know I got lucky, people spend thousands on cameras to get the perfect shot. I feel overwhelmed and proud, as it’s a once in a lifetime shot… which I do understand.”

What makes it even more impressive is that Hodges didn’t use any fancy settings to get the shot. A lot of phones come with things that help you get the perfect shot… You can zoom in on certain things, make certain objects the focal point and blur out the background… But Hodges didn’t use any of that! It was a mixture of luck and timing, it seems. And a good eye, of course.

“I took the pictures manually without any shutter settings, so I was incredibly lucky to get the shot.”

Once the stunning shot went viral, people commented with what they believed the image to mean. Some people got religious about it and said that it looked like Jesus looking down from the sky, some others poked some fun, saying it looks like a “bad ass album cover.” Another person said that it just straight out looks like an eye… They are not wrong!

What do you think the image looks like? It’s crazy that Hodges was able to capture this on camera and we are so happy she did!

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