The twins of Julio Iglesias are already 18. Here is what kind of beauties they are

Julio Iglesias can safely be called a happy man in every sense of the word.

In addition to a brilliant career, he has a large family with many children and a beautiful wife.

The appearance of the twin daughters of the famous musician has long been admired by the whole world, but what does the wife of Julio Iglesias look like?

Photos of the charming Miranda Reinsburger appear from time to time on her children’s Instagram.

So, in a recent post, Christina Iglesias congratulated her mother on her 54th birthday.

Looking at the picture, one can’t believe that mom and daughter are depicted on it.

Miranda looks so young that it seems like she and Christina are sisters!

Twins Christina and Victoria are very similar in appearance to their parent!

Apparently, more than one man’s heart will suffer from the charm of 18-year-old blondes!

They got married on August 26, 2010 in Marbella, Spain, after 22 years of relationship.

The official registration of the couple was insisted on by five children who were born to the couple over the years of their life together.

23-year-old Miguel Alejandro Iglesias, 21-year-old Rodrigo Iglesias, 18-year-old twins Christina and Victoria, as well as 12-year-old Guillermo Iglesias really wanted their mom and dad to officially become husband and wife.

Now the family lives in the Dominican Republic, where the legendary Iglesias owns several luxury hotels.

Julio and Miranda are one of the strongest and most loving families in show business.

The spouses themselves say that, despite the years they have lived together, they continue to love each other, as in the first days after meeting.

In addition to sharing children with Miranda, Julio Iglesias has adult children from his previous relationships.

Perhaps the most famous of them is Enrique Iglesias

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