K9 adorably “ruins” official photo, can’t resist giving handler cuddles and love

As a part of their duties, law enforcement officers must have their official photo taken to go on the official department page. This also includes the K9 officers who work for the department. In these photos, the dogs are in the same picture as their handlers. But one dog, named Kenobi, had a different idea when it came time for him and his handler, Officer Levi Knach, to have their picture taken together.

Kenobi and Knach work with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

The two officers work with the department of natural resources in Indiana.
Their normal duties include locating ginseng and venison, amongst other things.

Officers Knach and Kenobi are usually the only things that stand between animals and poachers, or plants and the people who want to collect them even though they shouldn’t.

Kenobi’s unique set of skills allows him to easily track offenders or find contraband.
His sense of smell, which is roughly 40 times greater than a human, allows him to easily sniff out a dead animal, hunter, or people who are out looking for ginseng and other endangered plants in the forests of Indiana.

“Make no mistake — he is a trained working officer and can track people and locate a variety of objects ranging from venison to ginseng,” Knach said.

The two go about their duty every day, with Kenobi having to receive a lot of obedience training before he could perform his current job. Police K9s often rely on their training to help them follow orders reliably and perform their duties quickly and efficiently.

But, off the job, according to Knach, the two are a little more relaxed.
At home, Kenobi is like any other dog and just loves the attention when he is hugged or petted. Kenobi also likes to give Knach lots of doggie kisses when not on the job.

So, it was kind of understandable why usually-serious Kenobi acted the way he did when he and Knach were called in to get their official photo taken. Things on that day went a lot different than either Knach or the photographer could have predicted.

A hilarious photoshoot ensues

It started when the two first got there. Dressed up and ready to get their photo taken, Kenobi couldn’t help but nuzzle up to his handler. Knach sat by stoically as Kenobi cuddled, licked, and was generally silly. By the end of the photoshoot, the photographer was left with a bunch of cute photos of the dog and his handler.

The photographer can finally get a good picture of the two

It just goes to show that a police K9 is like any other dog – truly caring for the one they trust the most: their handlers. The photographer was at a loss, hoping to get at least one photo he could use as the pair’s official picture for the department. Fortunately, he was eventually to get a good picture of the two.

Kenobi and Knach share a strong bond

The department posted the hilarious photos on its Facebook page.

The photos show the amount of love between Kenobi and Knach – and also show that police officers and their K9 units aren’t always just about the job that they do.

See the adorable photoshoot in the video below!
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