90-Year-Old Can’t Contain Her Joy Meeting Newborn Great-Granddaughter For The 1st Time

One thing that never gets old after you have a baby is introducing your little one to all your loved ones. Especially if these people were part of your upbringing and were a huge influence on your parenting, it can be emotional for everyone to see you holding your own baby.A TikToker named Alyssa Cole Beseris recently introduced her 90-year-old grandmother to her newborn baby girl.

The entire interaction was then recorded and posted on TikTok and YouTube, marking an emotional meeting.At first, all she can do is emote.When Alyssa first hands her grandma the baby, the elderly woman is at a complete loss for words. Unsure of how to express her feelings, all she can do is hold the baby and look around in shock.

She is completely taken by the baby, and spends the first few moments simply staring at its sweet face and clutching at its little feet. Like most people, the baby is completely enthralling for this woman. She lets out a few gasps and looks around the room.

The baby is sleeping, and when great-grandma almost wakes her up, she knows exactly how to calm her down again.

Seems like the parental instincts never fade! When the older woman goes to give the peacefully sleeping baby a kiss on the forehead, the movement nearly wakes the baby up. Noticing that the baby was beginning to move and stir a little, grandma lets out a “oops!” and puts the baby back in a position in her arms that’s more comfortable and conducive to rest.

Alyssa’s grandma had some strong words for how this all made her feel.

The feeling of holding a newborn baby is pretty incomparable. To add to that, this woman is holding her grandchild’s child. She might not have ever thought she would experience this. She sums her rush of emotions up in the sweetest way saying:

“I’m in Heaven. I have died and gone to Heaven.”

Like anyone who’s parented before, this great-grandma knew exactly what to worry about.
While babies are sweet and adorable, they also require a lot of maintenance and a watchful eye. Fortunately, this new mother has a great role model. Her great-grandmother will be able to let her know all the things to watch out for and keep in mind as her baby grows up.

As soon as the great-grandmother got past some of her shock at holding the baby, her maternal instincts kicked in. She started asking all sorts of questions about breastfeeding and formula shortages. She even began to warm the baby’s feet up when they seemed a little cold. This woman will be a great example to follow for this young mom!

Pretty much everyone who’s watched the video is touched by the great-grandmother’s sweet reaction.
One commenter on TikTok wrote:

“omg this is the most purest human reactions ever! I’m freaking crying!”

Someone else on YouTube commented:

“Awesome moment. She is so happy. Was fun to watch. Great video”

In the YouTube video posted by Caters Clips, the new mother gets a chance to ask her grandmother even more questions about life.

People on TikTok kept noticing that the grandma looked amazing for her age. But even while sharing her skincare routine, great-grandma never stopped being attentive to the baby. If the baby fussed while she was answering a question, she dropped everything to assure her great-grandchild that everything was okay, and that she loved her. The new mother and her baby are so lucky to have a family member like this in their lives.

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