The dog and the magpie became best friends

A year ago, an Australian resident rescued a wild magpie from the street, and cured it herself. The family’s dog, a Staffordshire terrier named Peggy, immediately became interested in the magpie. She was very careful and caring towards the bird, which received the nickname Molly. When the magpie recovered, they became even more friends, and began to spend a lot of time together.

When it came time for the bird to return to the wild, she repeatedly refused. Feathered Molly got so used to the house and her dog friend that instead of returning to the nest, she decided to stay with them.

A year has passed, and they are still friends. In addition, they were joined by a little Peggy’s puppy, who also gets along well with the bird.

After a year of living surrounded by dogs, Molly already thinks she is a dog. According to the owner, she even parodies the barking of her four-legged friend.

«We always leave all doors and windows open.
We tried to get Molly to fly to nature, but she’s not going to leave us. We taught her to catch worms and lizards. But she thinks she’s a dog, and Peggy is her mother,» says the owner.

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