Firefighter Adopts Dog He Rescued from a Fire after Owners Decided to Put Him Down

Looking into the innocent eyes of a dog that had already survived a traumatic incident, he couldn’t bear the thought of it dying due to nothing but money.

In September 2021, an apartment caught alight in Iowa, Des Moines. The local firefighters, including 38-year-old Malcolm Cortner, arrived to put it out and save civilians.

One of these “civilians” was a 16-month-old mastiff who was stuck in the burning building. Luckily, these first responders were able to rescue the dog.


However, the dog was not in the best condition as the rescuers administered oxygen, trying to save his life. Arriving at the site, Animal Care and Control had grievous news for the owners of this pup:

They informed them that there were only two options: Paying for possible and extremely high-cost treatment or euthanizing the 16-month-old animal. Tragically, the owners felt they needed to put down their beloved best friend due to the expenses.


Cortner, however, had other ideas in mind, opting to adopt the mastiff. The City of Des Moines took to their Facebook page to share this heartfelt story, penning:

“Congratulations to Fire Fighter Cortner who has a new best friend, George.”

After taking his new friend home, the firefighter managed to organize the treatment to get his furry companion back to good health.


Comments flooded in, praising the first responder for his kind actions, with many of them expressing compassion for the previous owners and the tight spot they found themselves in. Debbie Adams penned:

“It’s a shame that treatment would of been that expensive & they felt that was the only thing they could do. (sic)”

The post has gone viral, gathering in around just over 1000 likes and almost 400 shares. Animals, especially those we call “man’s best friend,” clearly do hold a special place in the heart of humanity.


Yes, most individuals love dogs, but then some prefer the company of felines or, as many call them, “cat people.” Ohio mom Amy Nestor is one of these individuals who flew across the country to adopt a blind cat and its mom.

Her motivation for doing so, nevertheless, was not purely for affection towards felines. Amy is a mother to three children, including a 12-year-old legally blind son, and she felt her heart stir when she first read about cat mom and her kittens in need of a home.

The mom immediately felt a connection when she learned one of the litter had no vision. Now, like Cortner, Nestor lives in a loving home with the companionship of furry friends to cuddle. Well, as much as cats allow them to cuddle.

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