A dog in a park saved the baby from the snake

A six-months baby was taken out to breathe fresh air and sleep in the nature.

The young mother was taking care for the baby alone because her husband was always away for his work. The woman was alone every day and getting bored.Once she was bored again being at home she took the baby out near a small lake not far from the house she lived.It was sunny day and was neccessary for the baby to feel better.

Sitting near the lake the woman wanted to have a relax time and closed her eyes for five minutes. There were other people near the lake too. Suddenly a snake appeared by the baby’s buggy and nobody noticed except a small dog without any owner.

He started barking towards the woman and the baby without stoping. He fought against the snake and saved the baby’s life. The woman was so pleased that took the dog to their house with her.

Her husband returned and met the new member of their family and was satisfied that his wife and baby would not be alone during his absence.

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