A funny story about a dog and a kilogram of meat

Once one of my friend’s cousins visited her granny taking her small dog with her. As soon as they got there Jenny Greeted to her Grandparents and went to the garden to help her Grandfather to do gardening.

Jenny and her Grandfather were watering the flowers and the trees while Granny was going to make dinner.

Granny had put a kilogram of meat on the table and was busy with the work. Everbody was busy and they didn’t notice that The dog had lost. After some time Jenny heard her Granny souting. They ran home to find out what was happening?. The dog had eaten the meat which was put on the table.

The Granny was very angry and Jenny tried to make her calm.She was crying ” where is my meat?” “Give me my meat”. She was so mad at the dog that repeated the same words “where is my meat? all the time. The girl decided to keep the Granny from shouting.

As the meat was a kilogram she decided to weigh the dog and after that she said to Granny. “This is your meat Granny and where is my dog, now give me my dog , please”.

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