A playfull elephant made a great fun for people in the zoo

The story is funny and impressive. An elephant from a zoo in America  is considered very interesting and pleasant to see. Every day a lot of people visit the zoo for the animals, especially for the elephant.Many children go there with their parents to have fun with the animals.

Once there were many people gathered in the zoo as usual. There was animals competition in the zoo and people were the jury. They should estimate their tricks and say which animals was doing the best tricks.

All the animals were funny but the funniest and the most impressive was the elephant, especially its nose. It was was doing various tricks and make the people happy , especially the children. It was playing with small boys and move them on its nose. Then it danced, moved its nose and also the tail.

It was such a fascinating view that people clapped loudly, took photos and courage the elephant for the competition.
A lot of journalists gathered there and took photos and videos too. It was already known that the elephant was the winner of the competion. Next day the pictures and videos were published and social media was full of funny comments.

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