A well-known country singer crashes a wedding in order to sing his newest hit song: the couple is shocked

Valentine’s Day is a day packed with romantic comedy and pleasant surprises. And if you’re as blessed as this couple, a famous country singer might even appear at your wedding and sing a famous song, especially for you and your true love.

The couple’s lovely artist is Canaan Smith, and he performed their wedding song for them. And that was a surprise! Samantha and Taylor from Los Angeles were amazed by their lovely artist, Canaan Smith, who crashed their wedding.

The well-known musician appeared at the reception and sang an emotional rendition of his number one hit, ‘Love You Like That,’ for the cheerful couple. One cheerful couple is chosen every year and given the wedding of their dreams due to a famous wedding website. Samantha and Taylor were the year’s blessed in-lovers to get such a gorgeous event.

Essentially, the artist was invited to disrupt a wedding. And they’ve made a decision to perform their first dance to my song, Love You Like That, which is the groom’s lovely.

By virtue of how much Taylor and Samantha love our song, they wanted to use it in their wedding video. Why don’t we just get Canaan to come around and play it as an alternative to the band? That’s why I answered, ‘Hell yeah.’ The couple was fully amazed when they understood who was performing their wedding song.

The wife accompanied the country star to the event. All of the guests at the wedding were taken aback when the joyful couple unexpectedly arrived in the amazing chateau setting. The song ‘Love You Like That’ was selected by the joyful couple, and it was a wonderful choice for their unique day.

‘We kind of select a song that’s greatly geared toward us as a couple, and our features,’ the bride said. This is not one of the simple slow dance selections.

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