An incredible story how a dog and a parrot became good friends

The story is about a unique story that a dog and a parrot became close friends. The dog is a Husky Dog. He is so nice and at the same time big and cute.

His name is Richy. If you see him you can understand why His family call him Richy. He has a proper name for his appearance as a rich dog.

Richy is taken for a walk every day and the people who live around him have a great desire taking him for a walk. when Richy goes to a park everybody wants to take photo with him because he is a very special dog and different from other sortsn of Huskies.

But Richy isn’t the only pet in the house. He has a small friend whose name is Chicho. Chicho is very noisy , but is very cute, too. They are close friends and have a communication in the house.

Some people think that it’s impossible or a parrot and a dog to be friends, but they have proved that it’s possible.

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