Circus tiger finally tastes the desirable freedom after a lifetime living in a tiny circus cage

One of the meanest phenomena animal lovers can’t endure is the existence of circuses using animals to entertain people. All of us understand that wild animals just keep a miserable existence when they live out of wild nature.

It’s really too barbaric to keep animals in cages for a lifetime. Nevertheless, there are still many animals nowadays that are mistreated.

Today’s story is about a tiger Hoover who lived his entire life in a cage. A traveling circus in Peru owned the poor animal to perform different tricks for people. This 12-year-old tiger was a source of money.

Gladly, back in 2012, this story received a positive ending when the local government decided to lock all the circuses realizing that the latters are violating the rights of animals.

Shortly after this decision, a British rescue group started to help the animals that are under the control of their owners.

However, the case of Hoover wasn’t easy because the circus staff somehow could hide the tiger from authorities. Only three years later Hoover was found and finally had the opportunity to feel what is freedom.

Sadly, he was the only one out of 12 tigers that survived.

Nevertheless, the poor animal couldn’t have a wildlife experience. He was relocated to a peaceful sanctuary. The only way the tiger could survive was to be under the control of vets who gave him proper medical care.

At first, the animal was kept in a safe shelter in Peru but shortly after he was taken to a new place – Big Cat Rescue Center in Florida. The big cat Hoover spent his life in this center, not having the chance to be in wild.

A year ago the tiger sadly passed away but he has forever stayed in our hearts.

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