Dancing dog made money for their old poor owner

This heart breaking story melts everybody’s heart. The old man lived alone without a wife and children. He was about seventy-five-year old man who had had unhappy life and now lived with only his dog. Dark was his only and close friend and also the family memeber.

The man was a pensioner and got very little money.He wasted the money and could buy his medicines and some food for the dog.Once they were wandering round the park where the dog made a big concert showing some tricks. The old man was so happy seeing him acive. Then people in the park saw that amazing show and approached to watch that. They liked it, clapped and even gifted some money to them for making their day positive.

The man couldn’t even imagine that his was able to help him in that bad and poor situation. He didn’t feel bad because the people in the park liked it and he didn’t consider it as a charity. He thought that his dog earned the money due to his ability.

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