How an ice-cream lover dog asks an ice-cream from his owner

This is a very funny story about a dog which likes an ice-cream very much and demands from his owner.Lucy is a middle-aged woman who works in a big electronic company as a manager. She is not married and has no any children. She works from nine till six in the evening.

When she comes home, she takes her dog for a walk, feeds, plays with him with a great pleasure. She buys special food for her dog every day. There are other members in the family but the dog loves and listen to Lucy only, because Lucy gives him a big love and cuteness.

The dog likes an ice-cream very much and it is his favorite. Every day Lucy buys his favorite ice-cream and brings to give it to the dog. Once Lucy brought a lot of ice-cream for him and the family. There was a funny video where the dog barks and demand an ice-cream from Lucy. He ate his part and then all the ice-cream Lucy had brought for the family.

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