How the cat and mouse became friends and spoilt the pie in the kitchen

As you know cats and mice are against each other and never have something in common.

This is a contrary story about a cat and a mouse. The cat lived in a big family where he ate, slept, played and spend his time. The cat didn’t have any friends around him and tried to get some.

Once he saw a small mouses rushing right and left to the room and was afraid seeing the cat. As a rule cat don’t like mice ,but that time was exception. The chase after the mouses without harming it.

Liked with his paws. It was so funny and exciting because events like that happened rarely. At first the poor mouse was very afraid but then got used to the cat. Soon they became friends , played together and even did bad tricks.

One night when everybody was asleep the cat with his small helper went to the kitchen to search some food. There was a big and pleasant pie baked by the woman in that family. They spoilt the pie, ate without leaving any piece on the plate.

Hearing noises the woman went to check what was happening. To her surprise she saw the mouse and the cat in the kitchen and spoilt pie which she had made for the next day.

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