How the dog saved a sleeping child from the fire

Stormy is a very clever dog which lives in a good family. It is a happy family and the dogs feels better living with them. Stormy has a good relationship with the family especially with their children.

The parents are very happy and pleased that Stormy lives with them. They are very attentive to him, feed, take everywhere with them. Stormy always helps the mother with the shoppings and other responsible work at home. Once the family was away for two hours and left the children at home with stormy.

There was a silent in the flat as the children were sleeping. The dog was lying on the floor and look after the children. Suddenly he felt that the house is full of smog. He got up and ran to the chilren’s room to wake them up. He was so frightened that was barking without stopping. The chilren woke up ran out of the house with the dog till the parents would come. The neighbours saw what was happening and called firefighter for help.

The parents arrived immediately and saw that everything was already right. They were glad that Stormy was their family memeber and always attentive to the children. As a prize he was taken for a holiday with them for a week.

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