How the dog saved the little duck bringing it to life.

Once a neighboring dog who was strolling around the are went to the nearest pond to where he can see his friends.

The dog was not agressives at all. He was so kind that everybody liked him around the area and always gave him something to eat. He didn’t have anywhere to live and lived near the pond.

Going there he saw something strange moving in the water. It was a little wounded duck drowning in the water. He saved the duck and began to lick it to bring it to life.

The duck was saved du to the kind dog. There were a lot of people near the pond but nobody was interested in saving the little creature except the dog. One of the women at the pond notice that caring dog and decided to take him home with her.

The woman liked the dog , fed and took him to her house immediately. The dog got a family and a living place after then.

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