How the owner recognized his dog and returned him back home

This real story is about a very nice dog which was attracted by everybody. It’s name is Jerald. He belongs to a special type of dogs. He was big, white and black, with blue eyes and graceful appearance. It would be impossible to believe unless I saw him.


The dog is taken for a walk by the family members every day. Once during a usual walk in the park the dog disappeared. The owner was shouting loudly in order to find the dog. There were a lot of people in the park and the owner asked them about the lost dog. After long researchers He returned home with a low mood and upset.

He hoped the dog would return one day. Once at late night the owner was searching the internet and found the photo of his dog in the internet. There was an Ad about the dog “is being sold”. It was shocking for the owner. He went to the police station and demanded to find his dog immediately. The police found the dog and it was returned to his owner forever.

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