Mother replaced the puppy for her daughter in order to make her happy

This a very exciting story. It’s about a little girl and her puppy. They had become friends and loved each other very much. The girl asked her parents for a dog and they bought that cute puppy for her a year ago.

The girl didn’t eat or go anywhere without her dog. The parents noticed that relation was becoming closer and closer day by day. Once the little girl went somewhere with her parents and couldn’t take the puppy with because her parents didn’t let her. She had to leave the dog with the servant at home. In the evening when they returned found that the dog was missing.The dog had ran away because of the girl’s absence. Her parents got upset and were afraid of their daughter’s reaction. The mother thought well and understood that her daughter couldn’t get used the dog’s absence any more.

They searched puppies like their dog and found one through the Internet. They called and went to bring immediately. In the morning the woke up and saw the puppy walking and running around the house. She hugged him , kissed without having any thoughts that it wasn’t her puppy.

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