Mother’s reaction seeing their dog and son mud from head to toe

The story is incredible and fascinating. It is one of the amusing stories in the social media which makes everybody laugh. It’s about a dog and a boy who are good friends.

The dog lived in that family for a few years and had become their favourite and close friend, especially for their son Tom. Tom and dog were very close friends and had become best during the years when the dog lived with them.

They played every day , spent a good time and create new tricks day by day. Once there was a party and a lot of people gathered in their house to have a great time. The parents were very busy with the guests and didn’t notice the boy’s and son’s absence.

The boy and dog went to the garden to have their own party too. They made a mud and played in it. Then they went to the pool and made everything dirty there.

The mother saw that his son and dog had disappeared , she went to find them.Seeing them she was shocked at first but the laughed and took both of them to the bathroom for bathing them.

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