Teenager noticing a drowning dog jumped into the lake to save the stranger’s pet without thinking of his own safety

When Connor Telford, a 17-year-old Scottish teen, visited Penllergare Valley Woods, he couldn’t even imagine that day will be stamped on his heart forever.

Connor was with his girlfriend and her mom, when noticed a dog in the lake, struggling for his life.

The dog was about to drown, he wanted to get out from the water, but in vain.

Without hesitation, the brave teen jumped in to the water to save the helpless, poor dog.

The 7-year-old dog, Charlie, with his beloved owner Jane Warner, was at the Valley, enjoying their day.

Spotting some ducks, he started to chase them, which he hadn’t done before. But shortly, this innocent play turned into tragedy.

So, he even didn’t notice, how he, suddenly, appeared in the middle of the lake.

Charlie was not able to swim because of the reeds, he started to drown, trying to stay afloat.

The desperate owner was standing at the bank of the lake, scared and confused.

She just was crying. Hopeless Jane already thought that she might lose her beloved pet, but a miracle happened.

She saw a teen jumping into the water and heroically saving Charlie.

Jane was very happy, hugging her dog again.

She was so thankful to the brave boy, who, risking his own life, rescued her pet.

Everything could end differently, if not him. He is a real hero.

Thanks to Connor, Jane’s beloved Charlie is alive.

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