The battle of the dog and hamster in the same house

Edvard and Jane have been married for five years and have no any children yet. They are crazy and and like extreme very much. They like to travel in different interesting places and do sightseeing. They are doctors by proffession and worked hard every day. They also like animals and have a dog and a hamster at home. The dog was very cute, calm and serious, the hamster was opposite, naughty and noisy. Edvard and Jane always give them special food and drink.

The dog and hamster had no good relationship and always create a battle in the house. The hamster is naughty and always does bad tricks from its cage and even out of it. It does everything bad to make the dog crazy and curious.

Once the owners were not at home and the animals had done a usual battle and made a big mess in the house. Returning home they were in a shock and punished the dog and hamster for that cruel joke.

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