The blind cat wandered in the streets to find a new home

The cat had lost his right eye after a terrible accident with his owner. The man died at the accident and the cat left alone in the streets.

The man had a family but nobody accept the injured cat back home after the man’s death. He was missing his owner because nobody paid attention to him in that bad situation. He was alone and hungry. There was nowhere he could eat and sleep.He was wandering in the streets and tried to find some food and living place. Once he was at the bus stop where a lot of people were waiting for a bus. He was meowing slowly and suddenly a child who was at the bus stop with his mother noticed the poor cat on the left. He felt very sad seeing the cat alone and insisted on his mother taking the cat home with them.

The mother couldn’t refuse doing his son’s request and took cat with them immediately, got on the bus and went away.

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