The children painted the hair of their dog with red

The Smith are a family consists of four members. Father, Mother and two sons. The sons are twins. They look like each other so much that it impossible to differ them from each other.

The parents were doctors and worked in a big hospital together. They missed from the house a lot that’s why had hired a worker to look after the house and their sons. The sons were very naughty and was difficult to keep them in order. They had a dog, a little puppy which the parents had bought for their sons. Once the parents were away for two weeks and left the sons with their houseworker. The woman cleaned the room every day, prepared food for the boys and even for the dog. One morning the woman was busy with the housework and the boys were playing in the room with puppy.

The woman didn’t notice that the boys had disappeared from the house. They had gone to the garden and taken the puppy with them. When she went to the garden , she found the boys and the puppy there. They had painted the dog’s hair with red color. She was shocked and took them to the bathroom to clean the boys and puppy from the paint. Returning home the parents were at first shocked seeing that but then laughed seeing the colorful puppy. The houseworker apologised to them but they didn’t say anything bad to her and let her continue working in their house.

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