The clever dog was found in the library near the books

The story is about a dog which lived in the streets and had no family. He was a very cute and clever dog. Though he had nowhere to stay and eat, he never disturbed people and never made any problems for them.

There were a lot of cafes, parks, galleries, theatres, libraries, shops, restaurants and other places round the area where the dog always wandered around. There were a few restaurants and cafes that know about him and when he went there the owners of the cafes and restaurants fed him with a lot of food.

Once the dog had appeared in the library. There were so many people but nobody noticed him at first. Everybody was reading a book and didn’t notice him. It was very quiet there and even the dog was so calm and didn’t disturb anybody. Suddenly one of the librarians noticed a tail moving right and left. She approached to the shelves and saw the dog lying near the books. They joked and said it was the cleverest dog they had ever met.

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