The dog and the child took food to a homeless man every day

This sad story is about a dog which helped a homeless man with food. The dog is very cute and lived with a prosperous family. He loved the family and related to them closely.

His best friend in the family was Bill the son of the family. They had a good relationship and couldn’t imagine a single day without each other. Bill’s parents trusted the dog that’s why they let their son go everywhere with the dog.

Once they were going to the shop and saw an old homeless and sad man standing near the shop asking for food and money. The child was very sorry for him and got very upset. Returning home they planned a method together to take food to the man every day. It seemed so strange to Ben’s parents that they decided to follow Ben and dog. Going after them they saw an exciting view how Ben and their dog were giving the food and drink to an old man. They couldn’t help crying and returned home. They didn’t get angry with Ben and let them continue their kind decision every day.

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