The dog brings shower things to his owner while she was in the bathroom

The dog Fin lives with his owners Betty and Bob . They consider him as their children and look after the dog like his parents.

Fin has a habbit when one of his parents wants to go to the bathroom and has a shower he gets angry and waits near the door to wait him or her.Once Betty was having a shower and had forgotten to take a towel and a shampoo she asked Fin to bring them for her as Bob was’t at home.

The dog brought everything and put at the door of the bathroom except a towel and a shampoo . It was so funny and Betty understood that Fin doesn’t like when she and Bob are having a shower and stay in the bathroom so long.

When Bob returned Betty told him the incident which had happened during his absence . They laughed a lot and huged Fin for lovim them so much.

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