The dog got nervous and angry seeing his shadow

The story was amusing and got a lot of likes and funny comments. It’s about a dog which was very serious, quiet and lived with his owners Betty and Jason. They were very attentive to him, fed in time and took him everywhere. He was very big and nice dog with green eyes.

Betty and Jason lived in a big house with excellent conditions and spent most of their time in the garden by the swimming pool. Once they had made a big party and invited their best friend to spend a nice day. The garden was full of people and everybody was enjoying themselves by drinking , eating, swimming and joking.
Only the dog was wandering around the garden and enjoying himself too.

He had noticed the shadow which was following him. The dog turned right and left, back and front but the shadow was with him. He got angry and began to fight against it. Hearing his barks and anger Betty and Jason ran to him to see what’s the matter with him. The guests came too. It was such a funny view that they were laughing. They took photos and made a video which then collected a lot of likes and comments.

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