The dog hid under his owner’s bed hearing storm

The dog Bill lived his owners with a great pleasure. They liked the dog and had never had problems with him.

The dog was very timid and ran to his owners for asking help. Once there was a storm and the lights went down. The dog was lying and began to get worry. He ran right and left and was in a great panic.

He made his mind to go to his owners and stayed there till the lights would come again. He enetered the room without any noises and hid under their bed.

After some time they heard strange noises coming from their room and couldn’t imagine that their cat was with them in the same room. It was very terrifying for them at first and woke uo to check. They searched everywhere to find the mysterious sounds from the room and fortunately found their cat sleep under their bed and snoring loudly.

They were surprised but got calm when found the secret noises. They lay and went on sleeping.

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