The dog refused eating while his family was away for a week

The family where the dog lived was very caring and attentive. They always took the dog with them wherever they went. Once they planned a trip with one of their friends’ family and went on holiday for a week.They couldn’t leave the dog alone and decided to take him to their relatives and asked to look after him while they were away.

Staying there the dog was very sad and it was obvious from his eyes that had missed his family and home. He refused to eat anything and waited for them. He was looking through the window hoping that they would just return. He hadn’t eaten for two days and got ill for the miss and not eating. They took him to the hospital and informed the owners about it.

The family returned and went to the hospital immediately. Seeing them he was so happy and bright as if nothing had happened. After that they decided to take him with them in any way.

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