The dog saved his owner from the water carrying him to the bank of the river

This exciting story once more time proves that dogs are the most faithful, kind and caring animals in the world.

Once the dog and his owner Ben decided to do an adventurous action as they always repeated. Early in the morning they got up and planned a short voyage by boat.

They lived near a river and they went there to start their trip. The river was very calm and was proper for sailing. They had hardly gone away from the bank when a storm began and the river got curious. The man and dog were in a shock for such a bad weather.

Unfortunately the boat turned and they fell into the water. They were afraid for loosing each other. The water flew the man away but the dog managed to catch and help him. He carried him out of the water and and brought to the bank of the river.

Fortunately the man came into concious and was happy being alive again. They got up and started their way home.

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