The dog saved the baby ducks from the naughty child.

This is a very funny story that it’s impossible to read without laughing. The story is about a naughty child who was the only child in the family. It was a family of five members: Father, Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather and the little boy. They had a dog which was very clever and was always with the child wherever he went. They spend the rest of the day together in the house and garden. The house was big with a big yard and garden. There was a big swimming pool in the yard and playground for the child.

The Garden was full of many trees, flowers and domestic animals. The grandmother and grandfather took care of the garden and the animals too. Once everybody was busy in the house and the child went to the garden to play there. They played , ran and then the dog lay under the trees and slept. The naughty boy went to the animals took the baby ducks from the neck and tried to down each of them in the water.

The dog noticed and came to save the small frightened creatures from him. The dog barked loudly and the family came to see what had happened. Seeing that the family was upset but they couldn’t say anything bad to the him as he was their only child whom they had waited for many years.

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