The dog saved the frightened child from the curious groups of dogs in the street

Little Bob was five years old and attended to the zero class. He was a very clever and smart boy who lived with his parents, grandparents and two sisters.

Bob had a dog which was very clever too and liked his little owner very much. Bob spent a lot of time with the dog that’s why Bob was his favorite in the house. His sisters were elder and Bob was the little child at home.

Bob and his dog spend a good time every day in Bob’s room and in the garden. They did interesting tricks and made up new games. When Bob went to school the dog always led him to school and then came to lead him home. Once Bob was coming home from school and was alone as the dog was a little ill and had stayed at home.On the way home Bob met a group of angry dogs running after him. He was very afraid and ran away crying in a loud voice. At that moment his dog came and keep them away from the boy with his curious barks. Bob couldn’t imagine that the dog could reach and save his life in time.

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