The dog saved the six-year-old child drowning in the pool

Kate and Jack have been married for eight years and have only one child whose name is David.
Davit is a very calm and good-tempered boy who never makes any mistakes or disturbs his parents. David has a dog which is his only and close friend.

They live in a very big house with a garden and a swimming-pool. Once in a hot day everybody was in the house and having a rest. Davit was in the garden by the swimming pool.

He was playing himself and suddenly the ball fell into the water. Davit tried to get it but the ball moved away and David fell into the pool. Kate and Jack couldn’t imagine what was happening to him. The dog felt the danger and humped into the water and saved him.

Fortunately David was saved. Kate and Jack were so pleased that brought another companion for the dog.

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