The dog saved the woman and her children from the snake falling from the tree.

The story is based on the true facts. It happened thirteen years old in a village. The woman had three children: two sons and a daughter. They lived in a small village in Australia. The village was not big and was hot every day.
They had a dog and always led them everywhere they went.

Once they went to the city to do some shopping and took their dog with them. They did their shopping and returned to the village immediately because had a lot of work to do. Returning home they approached to the small fountains to drink some water. There were a lot of trees round the fountains and around the houses where they lived. Suddenly the dog began to bark without stopping and the woman didn’t understand what the problem was.

A snake was on the tree and it was about to fall on the children. The snake fell on the child’s arm and then on the ground. The dog fought against it and defended them from the snake. The mother was happy that they had taken the dog with them.

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