The dog saw his owner’s ghost in the house

Daniel was a common and generous man who had a lot of firms and factories. He had a family , a loving wife , two children and the most important his favorite dog.

Though Daniel was very busy, he spent a lot of time at home with his family. He was an active and smart man who could run his own business alone using his intelligence and diligence.Daniel sometimes took his children and the dog for a walk in order to make his wife’s day easier. The dog was very kind and caring to his children that’s why Daniel liked the dog very much.

Once Daniel felt very bad at work. He was taken to hospital and diagnosed a serious illness. After then he wanted to spend his days with his family without thinking about bad things. Two months later he died and his wife and children left alone in that big house. Once his wife noticed the dog behaving very strange and understood that he saw his husband’s ghost around the house. He felt very upset and continued to live with his children and dog.

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