The dog was discovered in the sack of the flour

This is a very frightening story which happened in a family who lived in a village. The family was large with five children.

They were a very hard-working family who worked every day in the fields and farms to earn money and keep their existence.

The village where they live and work was very old and not modern. There were no shops, cafes, parks, and other interesting places. The parents and grandparents went to work every day and the children were left alone at home.

They were very calm and attentive children. Once in the morning, the family went to the field early. The weather was hot and sunny. The children went out to play. The elder child who was fourteen decided to bake bread and some other food.

Going to take some flour she found a snaked in the sack of the flour. she got very afraid of it and cried to call his brothers. they came immediately and were shocked to see that.

They were very brave and killed the snake together. When their parents came home they told about the incident immediately. The family was very proud of having such brave sons.

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