The dog was lying at his sick owner’s bed

Ben was a middle-aged man who like pets and wanted to be surrounded with them. He was an active and lively man. He was a sportsman and did physical trainings every day. He took the dog with him when he went to his trainings. Every morning they ran together and the dog led his owner all the way.

Once during the usual trainings Ben felt bad and fell down losing his conscious. He was taken to hospital and there was diagnosed a brain cancer. Everybody was in a shock and very sorry for that sad news. His family was very upset and didn’t know what to do to help him.Unfortunately it was late to save his life because the illness had got to the worst degree. He was taken home and continued to live with his family.

The dog was always with him even during the nights. Two months ago when his condition became worse his relatives and friends gathered to encourage his family in that sad situation.They noticed the dog lying at his bed with tears in his eyes. He felt the pain and suffering of his owner and didn’t want to leave him alone. It was a sad story that melted everybody’s heart.

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