The dog was rescued from the dangerous sailing

The story is sad and also exciting. The dog was rescued and it was one of the shocking news.

The family was an extreme lover and the dog was always with them. Once they were sailing by the boat and having a great time. Everybody enjoyed the sea, relaxed and spent a pleasure time.

The dog was very active and moving on the boat happily. He barked sometimes but they were for happiness. Everybody was so excited and busy that didn’t notice the absence of the dog. Suddenly they understood that the voice of the dog had disappeared.They fell in a panic and couldn’t know what to do. They returned home and were very sad losing the dog forever. But to their surprise the dog returned home alive and shocked them for a long time. But any way they were very glad to see him again. He was very frightened and had a poor look. They fed bthe dog , bathed and let him sleep wherever he wanted.

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