The dog was saved after the bite of the snake.

Mark was an ordinary worker in a company. He was always sent to different places as a duty of his work. He had a dog which was very brave and always protected Mark in any situation.

Mark had a wife and three children who always missed him whenever he was away. Once he was sent to another city for a week and took his dog with him. The company knew about it and let him take his dog with him easily.It was was a very hot city with a lot of insects and snakes. During a night service Mark was awaken and did his work. The dog with him and never lay not to leave his owner. Suddenly the dog began to sniff loudly. He was sniffing from pain. At first Mark didn’t know what was happening to him , then saw a snake crawling away.

The dog was taken to hospital but unfortunately the leg was cut but fortunately he was saved. Mark was happy that his dog left alive and took him home with one leg and continued to look after him in that condition.

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