The dog was sitting on his dead owner’s bed to feel him by smelling

This is a very sad story about a man who died a year ago during car accident. He had a dog which was his frined and he considered him as his close and faithful friend.

After his death the dog left alone though he lived with the man’s family. The dog was very sad every day and passed each day with tears in his eyes. The man’s wife tried to creat a good relationship with the dog to make the pain of his husband’s death mild.The dog was very active before and always barked and moved when he was with his owner. After the man’s death he bacame very quiet and even refused to eat when the woman fed him.

Once late at night some noises were heard from the house. The woman got up to check what’s the matter. And what she saw made her very upset. He began to cry loudly seeing the dog sitting on the man’s bed, looking at his picture and crying with a great miss and pain in his heart.

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