The dog was waiting for his owner at the doors of the elevator

This is one of the exciting stories that i have ever heard. The story is about a dog who lost his owner.

The man died two years ago by car accident. The dog liked his owner and they always spend good time together. The man had a family but the relationship between them was different. The man fed the dog every day, took him for a walk and they were faithfull friends towards each other.

After the accident the dog didn’t see his owner and didn’t even know about his death. After the man’s death the family didn’t normally take care of the dog. They didn’t give him food and pay attention to him.

The dog was sitting at the elevator accepting to see his owner again. He met people, welcomed and led everybody towards the elevator.Looking at him you can feel sadness and miss in her eyes. Without seeing his owner for a long time he left building and went away with a big pain in his heart. After then nobody in the building didn’t see the dog any more.

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