The dog was waiting for the boy who fed him getting off the bus

The story is about a street dog which passed his days sleeping and eating in the streets. It is based on the true facts.

An eight-year-old boy who went to his lessons to the neighboring city always fed the little dog.The boy was coming to his lessons by bus and the dog was always waiting for him at the bus stop.
The boy put the food in his bag secretly in order to bring it for the poor and hungry dog. His parents couldn’t know about the existence of the dog.Once the boy was late for the bus and got there very late. The dog had waited for him for a long time and then left because the boy was late. Getting there an hour later the child didn’t knotice the dog there and got upsent.


He was very sad and couldn’t do his lessons and thought about the dog all day. Returning home he found the dog in his house.He was very happy and got very excited that his parents had brought the dog to their house and made him as their family member. After then the boy went to his lessons and return with his favorite dog.

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