The Dog’s reaction seeing a new born baby in the house

The Browns were a family consists of three members: Father, Mother and their six-year-old girl.
They had a dog Mike which was always with them at home and wherever they went. Mike got used to the family, especially their daughter.

They spent a lot of time together, in the garden, park and everywhere they wanted. The girl’s parents were very happy for that because the dog was very safe and attentive. If they wanted to go somewhere they could easily leave their daughter with the dog.

The family was going to have a new baby soon. It was a boy and they were preparing everything special for him. They prepared a room decorated with beautiful things and balloons. The boy was born and coming home the girl and dog met the new baby. The girl was happy seeing his brother. The most amazing was the dog’s reaction. He saw him, barked and licked his forehead. The parents laughed a lot but understood that the dog was very happy for the baby too.

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