The Fatty Cat Returned to his Owner after five years.

Belly lived with his owner Mr. Hawking for nine years. The most popular saying that the dogs are the most faithful animals, Mr. Hawking had another opinion about it.

He had his Cat and they had a faithful relationship towards each other.

Once Josh went out to find her cat friends outside and disappeared from his London home. His Owner was busy with his everyday routines and couldn’t imagine where his cat was.

The owner Mr. Hawking felt that something strange had happened.

The house was in a silent and his cat was missing. He was very disappointed and thought that would never his cute baby again. Mr. Hawking demanded a big pet company to find his cat. After a long searching the cat was found. To his owner surprise the cat was healthy and weighed 12 kilograms.

The cat was so heavy that Mr. Hawking could hardly lift him.

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