The friendship of a dog and a pregnant hedgehog in the garden

The story i am going to tell you proudly is about a dog which name is Jason. The dog is living in a small vilage not far from the city.

Once in Summer I was sitting in the garden with my Mother and Granny and drinking coffee.We noticed that Jason was very agressive as he had Seen something strange in the grass. He was running right and left to understand what was happening.

First of all we thought it was a snake but snakes don’t make such a loud noise. After a while Jason found the round creature which was a Big Hedgehog.

we took care the Hedgehog as it was pregnant. At first Jason was jelous that he had another habitant with him in the same garden. But then he was very careful for the hedgehog and its ten babies.Jason and the hedgehog had a good relationship in the same garden.

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