The generous man saved the kittens on the road

George was a businessman who ran his own companies. He had several big companies which were located in different areas of California. He had a lot of employers who liked and respect him for his kindness and generous behavior.

Young cheerful businessman working at office

Once he was driving to one of his companies to check how was the work going when suddenly he saw a strange creature on the road. He stopped the car to understand what it was. He got out of the car and saw a small wet kitten there. He took the kitten and put on his hand to make him warm.

He was about to turn and go when suddenly heard other noises come from the grass near the road. He walked to the grass and to his surprises he saw five other kittens there.

He was shocked but took them all with him to his house. He was such a generous man that couldn’t leave them alone on such a cold weather. The story was funny and at the same time was one of the most exciting stories i had ever heard.

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