The hungry dog was punished spoiling the birthday cake

This story is very funny and amusing. The incident took place in a family where they celebrated their daughter’s birthday party. The Jacksons had a daughter Mary and a son Brad. The son was six years old and the daughter was 4 years old. Mary was very emotional girl and took everything hard to his heart. She was active and naughty girl. The parents did everything he wanted and never regret her wishes.

The boy was opposite , he was calm and didn’t give any demands to his family. The family had a dog which name was Graffy. The dog liked the boy but didn’t like the girl. The dog was patiently played with the dog.Once during the girl’s birthday the parents had prepared everything for her and invited a lot of guests with their children to come and make their daughter’s day happy. Everything was excellent and going on well till the cake’s ritual. Everybody was going to see how Mary would puff the birthday candles and cut it. The cake was put on the special table proper to Mary.

Everybody was clapping, singing for Mary and she was very happy seeing that. Suddenly the table turned and the cake fell down. Mary began to cry because her birthday party was spoilt because of the dog. she began to cry and ran after the dog trying to kill him, but his brother didn’t let her do such a nonsense.

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