The jeolous cat bit the talking parrot

The story is about a cat and a parrot which live in a same house. The family members liked to be surrounded with animals and birds. That’s why they had brought a cat and a parrot to the house.

They liked both of them and gave a special care to them. The cat was big and fat, the parrot was small and a colorful bird. It was talking all day and was very active. It moved from one place to another in the house. Sometimes it was very talkative and didn’t let the family members sleep. The cat was very quiet and never disturbed anybody at home. Once when everybody was busy with houswork, the naughty parrot was again moving and talking. It was getting on everybody’s nerves and the cat.

It flew and sat on the head of the cat and disturbed him. The cat got nervous and bit the parrot immediately. The parrot was wounded and then it was getting better day by day. On the other hand the parrot got very calm never disturbed anybody at home.

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