The lion hugged and licked the zooman after a week separation

The story i am going to introduce to you is about a lion and a man who had a good relationship towards each other. The story is both exciting and funny.
The man worked in the zoo for many years. He fed the animals,bathe, clean their cages every day. He loved animals and did his work with a great pleasure. The created warm relationship with each animal in the zoo and he managed to do that surprisingly well. The most interesting part of this story is that he had a great love to the lion.

The lion was very big and also very nice though many people in the zoo were afraid of it. Every day they meet the lion hugged,licked and tried to play with its big paws. The other workers in the were surprised and always asked the man what risk he had to do that, but the man didn’t pay attention to their words and continued his work.


Once the man lost his conscious being work under the sun all day. He was taken to hospital but fortunately everything was right to him. He took a week holiday to have a rest and then return to work again. Going to his work he started his usual day feeding the animals. When he went to the lion’s cage it was lying and didn’t react to anybody. When he opened its eyes, saw the man, jump , hugged and started to lick his face. It was obvious that the lion had missed them after a long separation.

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